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Be the King from Gamevy: Slot Review - find those chips and win a huge jackpot!

Find all of the Leo Lion symbols and nab a cool 1 million jackpot in the process!

This game is a bespoke slot designed exclusively for LeoVegas and it centres around choosing when to take your winnings and when to risk it all.
The risk is always worth taking, especially when you can win up to 1 million! The game was launched to coincide with LeoVegas’s fifth birthday.

It’s a slot game with 50 squares and the objective of the game is to find as many Leo poker chips as possible.

Be The King Screenshot

Special Features

The main feature of this game are the 10 Leo poker chip symbols which are hidden and it is up to the player to find as many as possible in order to win the Jackpot.

Every time you find a symbol, it is up to the player to either cash out or keep looking for the other remaining symbol. A notable feature of this slot is that players are given 4 lives to search for these symbols. When you find a symbol, the lives will reset so you can go again. You can cash out at any time after you have found your first Leo symbol.

This slot creates a rather nail-biting atmosphere as you have to think long and hard about whether to take your winnings or risk it in order to find the other symbols.

Theme, Graphics and Sound

The game is superbly rendered and features a slick layout and fantastic graphics. I enjoyed how you placed your bet on a separate screen when the game loads up. This was quite intuitive and you could dive right into the game then. The fonts and symbols are wonderfully detailed and the animations are a treat to watch, especially when you find a Leo poker chip symbol and the Leo Lion will roar into life!

The music is soft pop with lots of guitar strums and is quite reminiscent of the King himself. It suits the game wonderfully and really adds to the atmosphere while checking all of the squares.

Win lines, Payouts and Jackpots

The game has 50 squares to choose from, a decent RTP of 92%, and an extraordinary jackpot worth 1 million!

Bet Range: 1.00, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00, 5.00, 10.00

It goes without saying, the more you bet the higher the jackpot. For instance, if you bet 1.00 then you stand a chance of winning the 100,000.00 jackpot but if you bet the maximum 10,00 then a cool 1,000,000.00 could be all yours!

Based on an original bet of 1.00:

  • 1st Pick: Empty Box, Current Amount = 1.00*3/4 = 0.75
  • 2nd Pick: Empty Box, Current Amount = 1.00*2/4 = 0.50
  • 3rd Pick: Empty Box, Current Amount = 1.00*3/4 = 0.25
  • 4th Pick: Leo Symbol, Current Amount = 1.00/4*47 remaining boxes/ 10 Leo symbols remaining*0.92149 + 1.00*0/4 = 1.08. 1.08 becomes the new base amount.
  • 5th Pick: Empty Box, Current Amount = 1.08*3/4 = 0.81
  • 6th Pick: Leo Symbol, Current Amount = 1.08/4*45 remaining boxes/ 9 Leo symbols remaining*0.92149 + 1.08*2/4 = 1.78. 1.78 becomes the new base amount.

Our Verdict on Be The King

Be the King is made by Gameevy and it’s a really fun slot to play. I really enjoyed how the tension increases as you find more Leo symbols. I often found myself in a quandary of whether to keep on playing to find the other symbols or just cash out while the going was good. All in all, It ‘s a fantastic way to celebrate LeoVegas’ fifth birthday!

Make that Lion roar in Be the King!