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Caribbean Stud Poker from NetEnt: Game Review - how's your poker face?

Caribbean Stud Poker is an online poker game developed by NetEnt. The game allows players to refine their poker skills in the online world. Read the rules of Caribbean Stud Poker carefully and enjoy this game which can also be pretty profitable given its progressive jackpot.

We have all heard of the poker version with the bizarre name; but what is Caribbean Stud Poker all about? The game, available from NetEnt, is among the most popular game variations of the casino card game. Upon starting the game, the interface loads swiftly and appears in typical poker table green. The main difference between Caribbean Stud and a regular game of poker lies in the fact that it is based on poker hands rankings, with each and every player up against the dealer individually. From the moment you enter this online casino game, you will realise that this NetEnt game is the ideal game to practice your pokers skills with. It simplifies the otherwise fairly demanding game by removing the need to assess your fellow player’s hands.

It’s great that the paytable is easily accessible. A player simply needs to click on Rules. Conversely, the help button displays the rules of the game. Other handy buttons, such as enabling full screen, dealer's voice and adjusting the volume – add to the great usability of the Caribbean Stud Poker game by NetEnt.

Caribbean Stud Poker Screenshot

Special Features

To give you a better understanding of the game, let me explain some basics. The main objective in Caribbean Stud Poker is to receive a hand which is higher than the dealer’s hand. While all this may sound rather conventional, it’s the NetEnt online game’s progressive jackpot that truly gets people to play this game. As with any progressive jackpot, the jackpot in the game grows with every wager that is placed throughout the network. The amount of the current jackpot is handily displayed on the ticker, above the main game window.

This jackpot is all yours if your hand matches the stipulated rankings. It really is that simple – well, at least if you are a decent poker player. And this is what makes Caribbean Stud Poker such an ingenious game. It incentivises players to obtain poker skills, in order to improve their odds of winning the jackpot, which tends to amount up to several thousand at any one time.

Best Welcome Bonus for Caribbean Stud Poker (NetEnt)

Theme, Graphics and Sound

As you would expect, this game is based on the card table. NetEnt do a good job here of immersing the player into the poker environment. The atmosphere builds for each deal, and the table setting keeps you focused as you progress.

Win lines, Payouts and Jackpots

Unlike the many slot games available in the majority of online casinos, this poker version requires some basic knowledge of the rules. As noted, the game isn’t quite as complex as conventional poker, yet, the player still needs to make the crucial decision between whether he wants to bet or fold. He is presented with that choice after the initial hand is dealt. Here’s some advice. If your hand is higher, then you should bet, if you have AKJ or AKQ, again I am all for betting. If you are missing the Q and J and only get the AK, then it’s less straight forward. In all other scenarios, I would, however, choose to fold. While this advice may sound good to you, it’s better if you read the rules and devise your own strategy. NetEnt did a great job writing the rules in a clear and concise manner. Next, place your bet (from 1 to 250), bearing in mind that this is still a game of chance and that you should only risk what you can also afford to lose.

Our Verdict on Caribbean Stud Poker

If you are new to poker, you will love it. If you are a poker pro, you will love it. Both for different reasons. With NetEnt’s Caribbean Stud Poker, novice players can learn plenty about the casino classic before they dare play with the big boys, and the big boys can enjoy a relaxed round of their favourite game, without the pressures that come with bluffing and other poker tricks. Furthermore, the online game deserves top marks for its graphics and its technology, which runs seamlessly at all times.