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888ladies chat room puts the social back into bingo

2017-03-30 09:52:50

Playing slots, cards or bingo online can be a solitude exercise. However, this is not the case at 888 ladies. The online casino with its live chat room puts the 'social' back into casino.

Chat Function

Players can enter the chat box as they are in the bingo room. They will see who else is online and can chat to a person or a group of people about the beauty of the game, boast about their winnings or can receive tips and tricks from other players. 'It’s a very communal feeling in the chat room with people getting to know one another and talk about many subjects like; Work, family, bingo wins and much more,' noted 888's editor.

Aside from adding a social dimension to playing bingo, 888 ladies' chat room provides players with the opportunity to challenge each other in what is known as a chat game. To play a chat game, a chat host needs to be present to explain the rules and regulations. 'A chat host is someone who is in charge of the bingo room. They will meet and greet all the players, also known as roomies, as they enter and leave the room,' explains the editor at 888 ladies. Small tip: If you have any questions regarding the online casino, the chat host is also a great source of wisdom and you can avoid having to contact customer service.


The chat game rules will vary depending on the game that is being played. The chat host could surprise players with a lucky number game or a general quiz question. Best of all: these games can do wonders for a player's bonus points balance.
At 888 ladies, the bonus points program includes so-called 'bonus bucks' and loyalty points; additional points can be won during chat games. 1000 loyalty points equal 1 bonus buck, which in turn can be exchanged for a £1 bonus.

Games in the Chat Room

Chat room games are a great way to break the ice. Alternatively, 888 ladies recommend that players 'start by using the bingo lingo icons, found at the bottom of the chat box. When players are waiting on 1tg or 2tg etc, wish them luck and use the smiley icons too.'

For those less familiar with bingo lingo, the blog section on 888 ladies lists some of the most important ones, including the all-important LOL that stands for laugh out loud. If that doesn't break the ice, you can still try using 888 ladies gift icons. Aside from free gifts, pay gifts are available too. While players have to pay for gifts, such as a sunny holiday, it's usually just a small amount of their loyalty points.

In sum, if you have never used a chat room before, what better place to give it a go than at 888 ladies. It's here that you'll meet like-minded people that love bingo and a bit of banter just as much as you do.

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