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A bunch of great new games are now available to play at Unibet

2017-07-14 15:09:58

It seems like every time you log on to Unibet and go to their casino there’s a new selection of games waiting for you to play. That’s in no way an accident on Unibet’s part, they know that it is exciting for their customers to get new games regularly and excitement means higher satisfaction and more returning customers. This time Unibet have really outdone themselves with these brand new games on offer over at their site.

Butterfly Staxx

This brand new slot game from NetEnt is simply put, incredible. Everything from the design to the gameplay will have you coming back again and again to get another taste of this 5 reel and 40 payline slot game. The main theme of this game is reminiscent of a warm summer night by a lake where relaxation is the most important thing and is bolstered by the sense of freedom to do anything you want to. This relaxing and chill vibe is most certainly captured in this slot game. It does this through its muted colour pallet of greens and blues and a serene background drawing that shows a dusk scene in a mountainous place.

The game also has some pretty sweet bonus features with the wild and scatter symbols that complement the overall design of the game while simultaneously giving the player a whole bunch of extras and bonuses such as free spins.

Bank Or Prank

This mischievous making slot game is one that will have you pumping your fist in glee, you can bank on that. This tongue in cheek 5 reel slot game brings fun to finances as you rack up huge cash prizes and bonuses. The game has a unique bonus system, on both sides of the reels there are racks that you fill in with the bonuses you get as you play. When you get three of these bonuses in each of the racks they will give you mega bonuses and mega wins. The design of the game is quirky and different and really gives you a sense of what the title means when it says ‘Bank or Prank’. There is a juxtaposition of styles here that can be seen clearly in the contrast between the playful symbols and characters and the somewhat stern and professional architecture of the building in the background.

Wins Of Fortune

Who doesn’t love a good oriental themed slot game now and then? This 5 reel slot game from Quickspin at Unibet is one of the best that the genre has to offer
The fast and thrilling gameplay mixed with the exciting wins makes this a game that you just can’t put down. The design of the game is truly something else, the dynamic layout of the slots is unique and fluid and the symbols are well designed and well crafted. The real victor of the design is the background though, it perfectly captures the beauty of the far eastern side of the world with its stunning view of a traditional Asian harbour and the traditional architecture that pokes out from the side of the screen.

All of these games are available at Unibet now so make sure you head over there asap and give them all a spin!

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