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A No Deposit Bonus?! At mFortune?!

2017-06-12 11:28:08

There are a couple of things that separate mFortune from the rest of the pack of online gaming websites, its exclusive games, its fabulous offers, and its mobile casino but what does the best job of isolating mFortune as one of the best casino websites out there is its special ‘No Deposit Bonus’. It is an all round great deal that you really can’t afford to miss out on.

Here’s the deal!

When you go on to the mFortune site click on the big blue button telling you to register your account. You will probably have noticed the ‘Get £5 Pounds Free’ underneath the word ‘Register’ on the big blue button. That right there is the offer, that’s what you will get when you register for mFortune.
Unlike with some offers on websites the mFortune offer really is what it says, a free £$€5. You don’t have to pay a cent while registering or place any sort of deposit if you don’t want to. You can check out the whole site and what it has to offer and make play all the games you want for absolutely nothing when you have your £$€5 free in your account. Not only that but you could very well win a big prize with your £$€5 and you’d get to keep every cent without having to spend anything at all.

There’s more!

The offer doesn’t even stop there if you do decide to spend your free £$€5 on one or more of the amazing games that mFortune has to offer then you may want to add to your account balance. The way to do this is, of course, a deposit into your account of a value that you see fit. When you do this the good folks at mFortune will give you a bonus of 100% on top of your deposit up to £$€100! So that means if your second deposit is £$€20 mFortune will give you an extra £$€20 pounds to play with so your balance will be £$€40!

With all of this free money, you’re getting it’s not likely that you will have to top up your account anytime soon by making another deposit. But if you do end up seeing that it’s necessary then you will be glad to discover that your bonus does not end there and that mFortune will add an extra 10% on top of your deposit! Not only that but they will add 10% to every single deposit you make in the future!

Many options to Deposit

The mFortune site also has many different ways and means to make deposits which makes it so much easier to avail of the bonuses that they offer. You can make deposits in all the usual ways, credit card, debit cards etc but with mFortune, you can also make a deposit using your phone bill!

So what are you waiting for? The signup process is incredibly straightforward and easy to get through so you will be reaping the benefits of your welcome reward in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. The fact that the bonus keeps adding 10% to your deposits is also generous not even to mention the free £$€5 that they give you when you sign up in the first place.

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