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A punter at Paddy Power will pocket £350,000 if Elvis is found alive in 2017!

2017-08-10 11:54:19

Elvis Presley famously “left the building” for the final time on August 16th, 1977 but it seems like nobody told one Paddy Power customer in Kent in the UK. The Elvis enthusiast is so certain that the ‘King’ will make his return in 2017, alive and well, that he has placed a £350 bet on it. Paddy Power are well known for their unorthodox marketing campaigns and outlandish humour but I don’t think even they could have made this one up!

The Return of The King of Rock’N Roll

Over a 48-hour period, the unnamed Paddy Power customer placed a series of bets over the telephone and online amounting to £325. The punter placed £25 on Elvis’ return at 2000/1 and a further £300 at 1000/1. If the King of Rock N Roll does indeed return in 2017 the hopeful punter will stand to collect £350,000. As with everything, Paddy Power are seeing the funny side. A spokesperson for the company delivered some excellent Presley puns: “I’m All Shook Up at this punter’s bets, which seem impossible – but clearly he has a suspicious mind. “I think he might be barking up the wrong tree or, then again, he might be nothing but a hound dog.” However, if the bet does come off it’ll Paddy Power who’ll be taking a trip to the Heartbreak Hotel and with such a confident customer we’ll just have to wait and see!

Novelty Bets at Paddy Power

Paddy Power are famous for their unique brand of humour and that extends to their offering of novelty bets. The company provides some of the industry’s best and most outrageous novelty bets - It seems like nothing is off limits at Paddy Power. The bookmaker will give their customers odds on pretty much anything from who the next pope will be to who’ll win the next British election. They give their punters the choice of both sensible options as well as some more left-field ones. Taking inspiration from the expectant Elvis fan maybe it’s time to put some money on Bono becoming the next pope (1000/1), Trump painting the White House gold (500/1), David Beckham being the next Bond villain (500/1) or Vladimir Putin winning a Nobel Prize (90/1). All are very unlikely but Paddy Power do think they’re more likely than an Elvis comeback show.

About Paddy Power

Paddy Power is an Irish bookmaker that was founded in Dublin in 1988. Since then it has grown to become one of the world’s biggest and best bookmakers and online gaming providers. In 2016 Paddy Power joined forces with UK gambling company Betfair to create Paddy Power Betfair, multi-channel sports betting and gaming operation. Paddy Power are known for their excellent online casino offering and having one of the best websites in business, very user-friendly and full of content. Their ‘Casino’ and ‘Live Casino’ sections offer an excellent selection of slots, roulette, card and table games.

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