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Another massive win for lucky BGO player!

2017-07-10 12:54:01

A lucky mum of two has won a life-changing sum of £1.3 million in the last few days with an online bet of just 25p with online casino giant BGO. Angela New who is from Milton Keynes in England couldn’t believe her luck when she realised just what she had managed to achieve thanks to BGO. Angela decided to have a quick bet before her husband and children woke up and they are all very glad that she put online gaming ahead of putting the kettle on as this jackpot win at BGO will change the family’s life for the better.

Bye-bye mortgage!

Angela has said that she intends to pay off the mortgage with the massive win which will leave the family feeling less stressed about their day to day lives. The family will also enjoy the win by treating themselves. Normally at the time that Angela decided to play some games with BGO, she would be taking here children to school but this particular week happened to be a half term holiday for her children. It’s a half term holiday that the family will never forget and Angela is delighted that this online gaming opportunity with BGO came about thanks to the school holidays.

Massive Returns on a tiny bet!

Angela only bet an incredible 25p in order to scoop that massive £1.3million on this fantastic morning. She couldn’t believe what had just happened on the online gaming site BGO, she stated that: “I saw the amount and felt like I was in a dream. I just felt sick and didn’t know what to do with myself”. She also commented on how exactly the family will proceed to do with their winnings: “It’s just completely amazing and will change everything for us. We can pay off the mortgage, clear all our bills and even give up work for a bit.”