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Are skill-based slots the future for casinos?

2017-04-30 12:00:00

Attracting the younger generation has been a long-term problem for casinos, especially with the major advances in video game technology. Figures show a negative trend in the number of 20 somethings attending casinos, so it comes as no surprise that casinos are trying to revive interest. A recent approach has seen the debut of skill based slot machines in Nevada, which has witnessed a considerable downturn in gambling revenue in the last 10 years. Skill based games combine the financial potential of traditional slots with the challenge of video games, as well as the social aspect that gaming involve.

Traditional Slots Fail To Spark Millennial Interest

The younger generation, studies have found, finds traditional slot games boring and ultimately repetitive. The knowledge that odds are fixed for the house to win is also a turn-off. Skill based slot games will undoubtedly attract those who fell they have a possible advantage over the casino, as well as adding a more competitive nature to the slots. Whilst the older generation may be happy to play the same slots for hours, today’s young blood is much less patient.

Despite the ever-improving graphics of slots, as well as the increase in themed games related to popular culture, they fail to give the adrenalin rush that modern gamers seek. The push and spin dynamic of traditional slots are lost on the youth, and casinos are now taking stock of this generational shift. Whilst some believe millennials will grow to adopt traditional slots like the older generation, others believe slots need to offer more than the monotonous routine most games currently entail. Whilst the core market for casinos is older people, today’s millennials will one day be that customer base and casinos must prepare for that eventuality.

Gamblit Gaming Leading The Way

The world’s first skill-based gambling video game was this year unveiled in Atlantic City, called ‘Danger Arena’. Legendary casinos Caesars and MGM are currently testing skill based slot games. Gamblit Gaming’s Gamblit Model G machine is already at the forefront of this technology, with Caesars recently installing two machines – Cannonbeard’s Treasure and Gamblit Poker, a skill based poker game that can accommodate up to 4 players. Gamblit’s Model G’s are multi-player machines, played at a ferocious pace with players gathered around a football table-shaped arena. They combine popular video game technology with gambling and have their own built-in USB ports to further appeal to the younger generation. MGM is potentially the next huge casino operator that will bring Gamblit products on board in order to draw in younger punters.

Demand is ferocious for Gamblit and the company is set to unveil hundreds of new machines in Las Vegas later this year. Gamblit’s chief marketing officer Darion Lowenstein stated: “Our hardware production can’t keep up with the demand, we’re filling orders placed a year ago. I think this is the future of gaming. Slots are super successful but they appeal to an older demographic and that’s why slots revenue has been declining in recent years.” Gamblit has been taking requests from around the world, and we can be sure of seeing more skill based slots over the next decade.

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