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Attention techies! Bet365 wants you!

2017-05-24 13:28:53

The so-called "Spring Gardens" hub was opened in 2016 and is headed by Warren Hughes, the firm’s Head of System Development. Setting up the premises in Manchester has clearly been a success: after six months, Bet365 already took on the second floor in the building, and the new recruits Bet365 will take on - over the coming weeks and months - will bring the Manchester headcount to around 150 staff members.

Bet365 is ahead of the curve

During the Grand Nationals 2015, an independent industry expert surveyed the performance of a variety of gambling websites and compared them. Bet365's mobile site came in on top for mobile performance. Time to Bet, transaction by step, limited bandwidth, total transaction weights and transactions payload versus performance, page errors and quality of service were the key metrics in the study. "Carefully consider every HTTP request that your site makes," suggests the technology expert at Bet365, and further notes that when optimising websites for mobile devices the key items to consider are network, memory and battery life.

“An average Saturday for us is busier than most eCommerce sites are on Black Friday. There are few places where you’ll be as challenged and stretched," sums up Hughes. In recent years, the number of Bet365 users has grown, which indicates that the importance of strong IT solutions will grow, and the demand for skilled workers in the area will further increase. “We’ve found that the unique technical challenges on offer are helping us to attract Manchester’s top talent,” notes Hughes.