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Be Sure to get this Brilliant Blackjack Promo at LeoVegas

2017-08-15 07:00:11

That’s right, there is only one month left in the awesome LeoVegas Exclusive Blackjack Weekends promotion. That means you only have four weekends of being able to win amazing prizes at the blackjack table! The promotion which started at the beginning of July has brought in a whole bunch of new players to both the main LeoVegas platform via word of mouth and over to the LeoVegas live casino to see if they can get their hands on some of the great prizes that can be won every weekend. It is as though LeoVegas didn’t think that weekends were fun enough and so decided to make them even better by giving us the chance to win exclusive prizes at their casino.

The promotion has been an absolute blast so far for each and every player involved, even those who weren’t quite lucky enough to win the prizes have been able to experience the great LeoVegas live casino blackjack game and have the thrill of the possibility that the next card they’re dealt might just win them a huge prize.

How it Works

The way the promotion works is rather exciting and clever, instead of the winners being chosen at random in a draw or something they let the chance element fall within the confines of the game itself. To do this they randomly insert bonus cards into the pack so that each deal might provide you with a bonus prize! This increases the thrill of the deal substantially as your next hand might see you walking away with a whole bunch of money and a better chance of winning the main prizes.