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Bet365 - A wonderful PC experience for all casino players!

2017-08-19 11:00:00

When you think of online betting, most people automatically think of Bet365. It is a giant in the online gambling industry and a global brand at this stage. The company is known as a bit of an innovator when it comes to apps and new features but they also do not forget players who like to use a trusty desktop computer. Players will be pleased to know that Bet365 features a wonderful desktop website that displays beautifully on desktop computers of all shapes and sizes.

A Minimal Design

As soon as you arrive on the Bet365 desktop website, you’ll notice that pages are decked out in a dark greyish colour with the famous green colour of Bet365 adorning the top of each page. The design of the site is very compact with nothing too fancy. This is quite intentional as it ensures pages load seamlessly as players navigate around the website.

Players can sign into their account in the top toolbar and the site features a huge range of languages to choose from such as German, Spanish, French, and Italian.. This is very beneficial for non-native English players and it also illustrates the vast global reach of the Bet365 online casino. If at any time you need assistance with the site, you can click on the “Help” button and a new window will pop up in your web browser. The Help section is full to the brim of useful information including FAQ, Payments, Technical Issues, and Rules sections.

Exciting Promotions

Promotions are cleverly displayed just below the main Bet365 toolbar and you can check out each individual promotion by clicking the “Promotions” button that is located beside the “Live Casino” and “Mobile” buttons. The promotions are neatly organised in a grid-like structure and each one features some teaser text outlining what it is all about. Players can receive all sorts of bonuses and goodies with these promotions such as reload bonuses, comp points, exclusive access to new slot games, and much much more.

Thrilling Slots

Bet365 boasts a huge choice of amazing slots for players to choose from. These games are nicely sorted into categories such as Hero Slots, Card Games, Table Games, Video Poker, Games & Keno, and of course the always popular Jackpot Slots. Each game is displayed inside a grid-like framework and features a transparent logo that fits in snugly with the layout of the site. It is visually stunning as not many online casinos feature such detailed images for their own game logos. Jackpot slots are easily identifiable as they are highlighted by the jackpot total in light red text just below the game title. This is a great way of enticing players to have a go at some of these lucrative jackpots and with some reaching several million in total, it is real easy to see why they are so popular at Bet365.

So if you enjoy placing bets online with the aid of a mouse and keyboard then Bet365 is a must visit!

Visit bet365 right now and for further reading on bet365, please check out our review of this excellent casino.

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