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Bet365 court case may have severe implications for operators

2017-07-17 14:20:40

Megan McCann, a student from County Down, Northern Ireland placed an unusually high number of bets on 12 horse races across four different races on Bet365 in June 2016. The student won £985,000 plus her initial bet back and is now suing Bet365 as the company is refusing to pay out the sum. According to newspaper reports, McCann placed 960 £13 each way bets on 12 horses, racing at Bath, Kempton and Naas in Ireland, on 22 June 2016. A year on, it is still not clear whether or not the student will be entitled to her winnings.

Bet365 suspects fraud

McCann placed so-called "lucky 15" bets via Bet365. This type of bet forms a special accumulator and requires the pundit to make four selection. McCann selected her four horses for each "lucky 15" bet, and this resulted in the staggering win, given that many of her selections came in. Bet365 reportedly told her that the money would be processed within 48 hours. Next, though, her account was closed as Bet365 had ruled that McCann's bet was fraudulent and accused her of cheating.

McCann responds to accusations

McCann denies the accusations and has now filed a law suit against Bet365. A document written by McCann's legal team to Bet365 states that "our client's case is very straightforward. She placed a bet with your client. She won. She is entitled to her winnings." McCann is seeking £1million for breach of contract from Bet365.