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Bet365 is the Cream of the Crop

2017-06-06 11:05:18

Using data from Google Trends, Bet365 was the most searched term on Google in the United Kingdom between April 2014 and April 2017.

In April 2005, Bet365 made the bold and brave business decision to completely sell off their physical betting shop chain to focus on becoming an entirely online betting business. The early bird catches the worm and Bet365 were on the ball to get ahead of their competitors and foresee that E-business was the way forward.

There was obviously a few short periods in the last 3 years where some competitors of Bet365 rivalled their Google search popularity, on average Bet365 is on top. Bet365 is the envy of their competitors and Bet365 are leading the way in terms of popularity online which is one of the key elements of success in the modern business environment.

This recent study was conducted by “Bookmaker Ratings” and that along with Bet365, 888sport, Marathonbet and Ladbrokes were the four poll toppers for search engine activity during the last 3 years. Other big Competitors of Bet365 such as Paddy Power, Betfair and Betfred will be disappointed to have not achieved betting ratings on this study.

The Main Findings

The study which you can find online if you search “Bookmaker Ratings” showed that 888sport which finished second to Bet365 in this study had been the main challenge to Betfair in 2016 but couldn’t manage to keep up with the popularity of Bet365 over the course of the entire three years. 2016 was also a decent period of online searches for Marathonbet but they will be disappointed that they couldn’t match Bet365 for the whole period of time.

Ladbrokes which is one of the best-known bookmakers in the UK tailed off Bet365 since mid-2014, which will give their bosses some thinking time. Social media is one of the main contributions to the online popularity of online bookmakers so those online bookmakers who are not polling highly on Google trends may have to re-examine their social media accounts. The people over the Bet365 social media accounts deserve a day away from Twitter and Facebook to enjoy some fresh air along as an increase in their wages as they are obviously doing something right.

Inviting Odds

Of course, it’s not all about social media and Bet365 also offer some of the most incentive odds in the sports market to their customers. Bet365 has built an incredible online gambling brand name since their mystic and brilliant decision to do business completely through the internet. The days of walking into the bookies to see your beloved Arsenal bottle the big game might be over but at least you’ll always be able to see it from the comfort of your couch.

For amazing sports odds, Bet365 is the bookmaker to check out for sure and this study has confirmed this. Check out Bet365 now to get in on what all sports mad people are up to!

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