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Betfred looking into the horizon with business expansion

2017-07-12 13:03:32

Betfred’s launch of TradeFred will see Betfred expand into the Forex trading market along with CFD’s trading market. The innovative and exciting new online platform only went live to market officially last week. The new TradeFred platform is launched as a result of the collaboration between Betfred and MagicPath Capital which is register with Vanuatu.

New Partnership

This new business partnership will see Betfred serve as the technology provider for the newly formed TradeFred brand. PathMagic is going to be listed as the owner of the new TradeFred brand. Betfred has built a reputation as one of the leading bookmaker’s in the United Kingdom, indeed, to be found in Europe as Betfred offer some of the most incentive sports odds. Betfred has also an extensive online casino offering which is also very popular for online casino lovers. Unlike Betfred, Tradefred is not yet cleared for operations in the UK or Europe. TradeFred, as of now, only hold a licence issued by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission. TradeFred aims bigger and no doubt they will become a global brand just like Betfred. TradeFred already describes itself as a “multi-national company" with offices around the word.

A Leading Bookmaker

As Betfred is one of the leading bookmakers and online casinos in the UK, TradeFred will no doubt be eyeing up a similar reputation in the United Kingdom. TradeFred lists PathMagic Capital which is an English company and TradeFred have stated that PathMagic Capital is the “entity of where the merchant has an additional permanent location and conducts business activities in Europe”.

Moving with the Times

TradeFred has stated on the website that: “We always have our finger on the pulse of each and every new development, and are committed to updating our services to reflect the latest technological advancements.” The future looks bright for TradeFred and Betfred who hope and expect that this new launch will be a major success going forward. The Forex and CFD trading markets are very prestigious and by offering their services to these markets, Betfred and TradeFred will be in elusive company. TradeFred also stated on their website recently that: “This ensures we are able to keep up with the rapidly changing Forex and CFD markets and deliver a seamless trading experience.”

The future looks very promising for TradeFred and it will surely be a global success. Betfred have been very busy recently and the launch of TradeFred is just the next step in a long recent list business venture expansions and collaborations. Betfred recently expanded into the social gaming sector as they launched their new mobile applications feature with their new partnership with Caleta Gaming. This mobile application launch will see Betfred launch innovative and exciting mobile games for online casino fans who prefer to enjoy their gaming on mobile.

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