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Can you find the white chip for Casumo?

2017-08-29 12:26:19

They have made no secret of the fact that the main raison d’etre for Casumo casino is to “Eradicate Boredom”. Mostly they do this through their expansive and diverse set of games that can be found on their site. This is their main way of reaching their ultimate goal but from time to time they may stray from that path a tad and provide us with something just a bit different.

Most recently the online gaming site has released a sort of seeing-eye puzzle through their social media platforms. If you want to find the puzzle then simply Google ‘Casumo puzzle’ or something along those lines and you will surely find it. This is intended to confuse the viewer and really make them think. And truth be told it works. The premise of the puzzle sounds easy, all you have to is find the elusive white chip in amongst the cacophony of other colours and objects.

So far I am yet to be successful in locating it but I have been assured that it is in fact in there somewhere. Gregory Tatton-Brown from Casumo was most definitely correct when he said this about the puzzle: “Even though we are an online casino, the power of these chips is still very strong – and once you’ve started the hunt for a white one, you won’t stop until you’ve found it.
“Puzzles are a great way to exercise your mind and can also be therapeutic – it’s a great feeling when you finally do work out where this tricky white chip is hiding.”