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Cashing out with Coral is quick, simple, and real easy to do

2017-06-15 11:30:00

In March we reported on the Coral Cash Out ad being banned due to what the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) considered misleading information. The decision to ban the Coral Cash Out ad came as a result of two independent complainants suggesting that they were unable to use the Cash Out feature when they tried.

Was this decision just? How good is Coral's Cash Out feature?

The ASA is treading on thin ice, always. That's no surprise. After all, advertisements aim to highlight the benefits of a product or service rather than to focus on its drawbacks. Coral's Cash Out feature is available; yet, as the company states in its terms and conditions, may be suspended, altered or removed entirely. The text that accompanied the Coral ad neither denied this fact nor highlighted that this may occur.

Let's see what's behind the Cash Out feature

In order to make our own picture of what Coral Cash Out is truly like, we headed to their website. On their website, the information and instructions on their Cash Out feature are easy to locate and understand. The text explains that the feature is only ever part of a bet if it is accompanied by the cash out symbol, which is a bright orange and therefore hard to miss.

So far so good. The Coral Cash Out feature can be used both when your bet is winning or losing. It can also be used with multiple bets. The latter is quite impressive. If you realise that you are at a profit before the last leg of a football match is played out, you can decide to cash out. That's particularly good if the odds are only mediocre otherwise.

'You've placed a four-match acca over the weekend, the first three all win. Do you risk it all on the final match, or do you take your money and run?'
This is how Coral describes a prime example of a scenario that is ideal for the use of its Cash Out feature. A glance on the bets currently available via Coral further reveals that the two complainants (though technically corrected), arguably, did Coral's Cash Out feature unjust reputational damage.