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Casumo research says cereal rules the British breakfast table

2017-08-03 13:42:29

For some reason, probably only known to themselves (maybe they're planning on bringing out a slot themed breakfast cereal), the casino website Casumo has decided to run a poll of the around 2000 people in Britain to find out which is the most common breakfast food in the country.

The results seem to confirm what you'd expect in a way, that the most popular breakfast in Britain is also the one that is the most diverse and perhaps the easiest and fastest to assemble as well as the incredible amount of marketing and advertising that goes into the industry (I bet you can name more than three cereal mascots, even when you count Snap Crackle and Pop as one).

But what is surprising in a way is the sheer quantity of cereal that Brits consume over their lifetime. Thanks to some scaling up and somewhat simple arithmetic from the results Casumo researchers revealed that the average British adult will eat a staggering half a ton of cereal and with it drink 1,267 litres of milk for breakfast over their lifetime. And that's just for breakfast, it's not even counting the amount consumed in the late night forages in the cupboards to satiate that tummy rumbling.

The research also revealed that 6 in 10 people always have breakfast at their dining table, but 11% regularly eat in the workplace and 1 in 20 will visit the canteen in work.

Unfortunately, 4 in 10 people said that they consider breakfast to be boring, and 11% would prefer to skip altogether the first meal of the day in exchange for 10 extra minutes in bed.
“Most people tend to have the same breakfasts day in, day out, which can be a little repetitive.
“And something like porridge can definitely become samey if you don’t try and mix it up and create a bit of excitement with your breakfast.” said a Casumo spokesperson.

The poll also found that people will eat toast for two days out of the six that they eat breakfast at home. This then means that over the adult lifetime of 60.3 years they’ll work their way through a monumental 12,542 slices of bread! That's a lot of carbs.

Sunday is the day in which the biggest treat of all is for breakfast according to 6 in 10 Brits, the classic fry up while not the healthiest choice is still the nation's favourite on occasion.
We're probably all guilty of this from time to time too, a fifth of those surveyed admitted to eating pizza from the night before, 17% claimed to go for a chocolate bar, and 16% for the leftovers from a Chinese takeaway. Waste not want not I suppose.

The Casumo spokesman continues: “We love the idea of people eating leftover pizza for breakfast – purely from a lifestyle point of view.
“It may not be the healthiest of breakfasts, but it shows that people have the attitude of doing whatever pleases them the most.”

Regardless of how relevant this research is to Casumo, it is still an interesting little tidbit of human behaviour and attitudes.

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