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Check out these American Sports Offers from Unibet

2017-09-05 05:06:41

Are you a fan of sports from the other side of the pond? Do you revel in the spectacle and excitement of American sports that can’t be recreated anywhere else? If so then you might also be a fan of betting on these sports. In general, their high score lines and fast paced action makes them the perfect sports to make wagers on the excitement of the crowd is enough to get you carried away too as you watch in desperate anticipation.

That is why Unibet have the very best odds for these sports and have a whole load of great promotions to go with them. Whether you have a passing interest in these sports or are a lifelong fanatic you should definitely check out these deals that are custom made to increase the level of excitement gotten from the sports themselves by adding that extra layer of thrill.

NFL Profit Boost

Americans call it football even though the ball doesn’t touch their foot too often but what they are right about is how fun it is to watch. Whether it’s a cold day in Minneapolis during midseason or the biggest sporting event of the year, The Superbowl watching a good game of American Football can be a great way to spend a night.

So it’s no wonder that Unibet are so dedicated to it that they are giving you this promotion when you make some wagers on NFL games. That’s right, when you make your bets they will offer you a profit boost of 25% on top of your winnings!

How to take part
1. Opt-In between Monday & Sunday
2. Receive a Profit Boost every Monday by 12:00. You can then view and use all of your Profit Boost offers here
3. Add an NFL match betting four-fold (or greater) to your bet slip and you will be able to select the Profit Boost before you bet