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Coral Casino helps battle Cardiovascular Disease

2017-06-07 14:05:00

The “Santa Barbara Heart Ball” – a fundraising event held every year in Santa Barbara, California to support the American Heart Association raised almost an astonishing $80,000 to fight cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Santa Barbara

The fundraising event was held at the Coral casino Beach and Cabana Club in Santa Barbara. Coral casino help the American Heart Association to promote the great work that they do via social media as well as helping the association run their fundraising events at their amazing casino venues. The event is hosted annually to fund the critical research that helps fight cardiovascular disease and strokes. The chair of this year’s event was Denise Sanford.

Tristen’s Talk

One of the featured speakers at the Santa Barbara Heart Ball at the Coral casino Beach and Cabana Club was an incredibly brave 10-year-old boy named Tristen. His story is an incredibly touching one and like so many other children he is unfortunate to have a serious heart defect. The efforts being made by the American Heart Association help to bring attention to these serious heart defects.

The American Heart Association Ball celebrates the lives saved and improved because of everyone’s generous donations. Since 1915, The American Heart Association has reached so many people and has done incredible work to bring awareness about congenital heart defects.

Other fundraising events that the Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club have hosted

The Coral casino Beach and Cabana Club often host a fundraising event for great causes. The Coral casino Beach and Cabana Club is seen as an important asset to the community in Santa Barbara for the promotional work that it carries for the organisation in the community who are trying to improve the lives of others.

A few years ago, the Coral casino Beach and Cabana Club hosted an event for the “Lobero Associates” – who are a group of women who fundraise for the Lobero Theatre which is California’s oldest operating theatre that is steeped in history. The theatre is an icon for the arts in America and not just for California alone. The Lobero Associates provided an event titled “ Hat’s Off” for many years but in 2014, they stepped things up a bit and provided and an incredible fresh event which was a major success at the Coral casino Beach and Cabana Club.

The event at the Coral casino Beach and Cabana Club included an awesome three-course supper with live music, an auction which included luxurious items and photo booths to remind the people of the incredible event filled with dancing and singing all night long. The event was a major success and the Lobero Associates managed to fundraise a lot of money for the group and the theatre.

The Coral casino Beach and Cabana Club in Santa Barbara is an incredible venue and anyone who finds themselves on the West Coast of the US should definitely pay the Coral casino Beach and Cabana Club a visit.

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