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Depositing with Roxy Palace is a piece of cake!

2017-10-28 11:00:00

How Do I Deposit Casino Credits?

In order to purchase casino credits and begin playing with real money, you must first create your personal Roxy Palace casino account.

Subsequently, connect to the casino and select the option to open a casino account. Once you have successfully registered a casino account you will be able to purchase credits via the casino's online bank interface using a variety of purchase methods. All credits are purchased in your chosen currency on registration. For example, 1 credit = 1 Euro.

Comprehensive on-line help is available within the Roxy Palace casino software to aid you at all times throughout the day.

Is There A Minimum Deposit Amount?

In order to start playing online with Roxy Palace, you will need to buy €20 (or currency equivalent) worth of gaming credits.

How Do I Make A Credit Card Deposit?

Depositing casino credits via Credit Card is the fastest way to start playing with Roxy Palace. Approved transactions will be credited to your Roxy Palace casino account immediately, meaning you can start playing the great games right away. You may use either a MasterCard or Visa card and each player may register a maximum of 3 credit cards.