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Development at Bet365 - a techie's dream

2017-08-21 10:49:30

Bet365 is among the most popular gambling websites on the market. However, the gambling provider is also a popular employer within the tech world. Bet365 uses some of the latest technologies and as its tech blog goes to show that Bet365 has one ambition: to provide customers and staff with some of the most innovative tech developments. This article highlights three of the most exciting tech stories that have recently been discussed on Bet365’s tech blog.

Geometric data is a hot topic

Bet365 recently finalised its live match feature. At first, this may sound like an easy exercise. However, in the process, Bet365 discovered that in Australian rules football, there isn't a set dimension for football playing fields. The playing fields in the game can be between 135 metres and 185 metres in length and 110 metres and 155 metres in width.
In order to create a virtual copy of the field for their live match feature, Bet365 opted for an oval-shaped playing field. This, however, didn't allow for abnormalities, such as an event that happened outside the playing field boundary. Bet365 came up with a neat solution that allowed their systems to make boundary correction calculations - however, ones that were largely run in the back-end so that there was no need for each customer's browser to refresh and show the adjusted live match.