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Did you know this casino was founded in Malaysia?!

2017-06-15 09:36:37

Here is a quick rundown of the company and what it is currently doing as well as a little bit of the history that lead to them being the giants that they currently.


In 1965 Malaysian entrepreneur Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong founded the Genting group. Their first venture was into the hotel world and construction of their first luxury hotel in Malaysia began soon after. The resort was not completed until 1971 but it proved to be a fantastic investment as it set the company up to grow into what they are today.

What they are today

Nowadays the Genting group does so much more than just hotels. They have a portfolio so diversified that to list them all would take too much time and bore you completely. One of the more interesting ventures that the Genting company have invested in is the plantation sector of their company, this subsidiary owns 133,000 hectares of land in Malaysia and uses most of it in food research and biotechnology as well as the production of the lowest cost palm oil in Malaysia, which is a pretty big deal because these days it is very hard to find chocolate that doesn’t contain at least some percentage of palm oil.
One of the biggest parts of the Genting brand is, of course, their many casinos. They are the largest proprietor of casinos in the UK with a total of 47 separate locations including the famous Crockford's Club in London. The company also has many casinos around the globe including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, The USA, The Caribbean and China. They even have a location on the Norwegian Cruise Line so that passengers can play casino games while they enjoy their luxurious cruise.

Of course, the casino subsection of the company also has its online branch which, due to the expertise and experience gained from the running and management of their physical locations is run with great care and professionalism and offers a wide range of games that are developed with the customer in mind. Genting also uses their ownership of the Crockfords Club on their website. They offer the chance for their VIP live casino players to play classic casino games like Blackjack and Poker through live streams that show rooms that are built to look like the actual games rooms of Crockfords with real life dealers who run the games in real time.

The Future of Genting

It would surprise nobody if the future of a company who is extremely diversified, reacts quickly to customer needs and wants and has a well-established global presence was a bright one. There is very little doubt that the Genting brand will continue to grow and grow and grow. Into what areas they will diversify further is not something I can speculate on but with a track record like theirs I’m sure they’ll make it successful somehow.

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