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Ele..mFortune my dear Watson - The case of the Sleuth and the Slots

2017-06-01 10:37:42

The world’s most famous detective is back again in the somewhat tongue in cheek slot game, ‘Sherlock: Murdered to Death.’


The story has a classic Holmes premise, there has been a Murder in London and the police are out of their league and out of options. Only two men can possibly help deliver justice once again, the men living in London’s second most famous address, 221B Baker Street, Dr John Hamish Watson and Mr Sherlock Holmes. So, grab your deerstalker and pipe and get out and crack the case!

The game also has the rest of the Baker Street regulars; Lestrade, Mrs Hudson, Irene Adler and even the Hound of the Baskervilles!

Sherlock: Murdered to Death is wonderfully designed with a keen eye on the foggy Victorian London aesthetic. As you move through the stages and begin to chip away at the homicide investigation you will feel like you’ve stepped into the world that Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about in The Strand Magazine all those years ago.