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Excellent Exclusives at William Hill Vegas

2017-07-05 12:02:35

Here’s a look at some of the best exclusives that William Hill Vegas has to offer. And when you’ve read this you’ll definitely be heading over there to check them out!

Dragon Vs Unicorn

A super-fun 5-reel 20 payline slot game that gives you front row seats to an epic battle between two magical creatures. The cartoonish art style is great to look at and fun too, the gameplay offers bonus modes that are activated through collecting three of the scatter symbols. The game also dips into Arthurian legend with a wild symbol that resembles the notorious sword in the stone. All in all, the game presents you with a world of magic and magnificent creatures while simultaneously letting you win big with its immersive and accessible gameplay.

The Penguins World Tour

Things take a turn for the… well, let’s say the difference with this penguin-themed slot game. The main premise is that a Beatle-esque band called ‘The Penguins’ made up of anthropomorphic penguins (I can’t help but notice that ‘I am the Walrus’ would make slightly more sense coming from a band of penguins…) is going on a world-shattering tour and you’re tagging along to win big cash prizes in cities all over the world. It’s a strange pitch I know, but the off-the-wall theme is definitely to the benefit of this great slot game as it injects a whole extra layer of fun with its absurdity. The game is a 5 reel slot with loads of bonuses and hidden tricks that will leave you thoroughly satisfied.