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Exploring Betfair's cash-out options

2017-05-21 16:00:00

This is the modern day dilemma of the Betfair customer. It is safe to say the cash-out option has changed the way we bet, offering a safety net for both the punter and the bookmaker. Judgment is key to cash-out, but sadly none of us can predict the future. cash-out is an easy way of guaranteeing profit for the user, avoiding the sweat of letting a bet run. Similarly, punters may wish to cut their losses and retrieve some of the stake back. Punters can now partially cash-out their stake, taking some and letting the rest of the stake run on the selection. Betfair’s bright yellow cash-out button can’t be missed, and users should look out for this symbol on their bet slip.

In-Play And Coming Up

This is the main tab on Betfair’s cash-out section, showing a full list of in-play events with the option as well as the most important future events. A long list of in-play football matches is constantly available in the cash-out section, whilst corresponding tabs for tennis, horse racing and basketball are regularly available. Other sports can also pop up such as golf and cricket, and Betfair has an impressive selection of cash-out events. Of course, not all in-play events are available for cash-out.

Partially Cashing Out

Thanks to Betfair’s cash-out slider, users can cash a percentage of their bet. This slider can be opened by clicking the ‘cash-out part of my bet’ icon in the drop-down list and then choosing the amount you wish to cash-out. Users can cash-out multiple times on a single bet, as long as the cash-out slider is present. Partially cashing out has revolutionised the industry, giving users more options in both single bets and particularly rolling multiples.