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Following the Captain - Captain Rizk on Twitter and Instagram

2017-08-18 10:35:27

Why do we have social media? Is it to talk to the world? Possibly. Is it to stay up to date on current events through the lens of your peers? Again, very possible. But what I really think it is for us to keep an eye on how much fun your friends and acquaintances are really having. And if you want a high watermark for this sort of fun-voyeurism then who better to look to than the inventor of fun itself, Captain Rizk.

If you don’t know who Captain Rizk is by now then allow me to explain. Captain Rik is a superhero of epic proportions. But unlike most superheroes he is not as much concerned with the trivialities of saving the world but is much more focused on the most important thing of all, fighting off the forces of Boredom. In order to help him in his fight, he has joined forces with Rizk Casino to deliver you the very best in online gaming and help you on your way to eradicating all traces of boredom.

Like in the genesis of all good superheroes there is a certain amount of mystery to the origins of Captain Rizk, that is until of course, the writers decide to add backstory later on in the game, see: Batman and Superman’s origins. But what we do know is that he’s here to stay and that he’s making quite a name for himself on social media.


The way that Captain Rizk uses the twitter platform is wonderful, there is a perfect mix of promotion for the site (which is essentially his job) and cool little bits of humour and insight. For example interspersed with advertisements for the very best games over at Rizk there are also the regular occurrences of #ThursdayThoughts or #WednesdayWisdom which are usually amusing little quotes or ideas that will help to make your day whenever they pop up on your news feed.

The content on the Captain Rizk twitter site is regularly updated with a clear emphasis on style and humour. Pretty much every day there will be a new post of a photo of Captain Rizk doing something out of the ordinary in a rather humorous way so major props to the people behind the social media accounts of Rizk# Casino for that.

You can follow Captain Rizk by following @captrizk


The hugely popular social media platform Instagram is one that has one main focus, the sharing of cool and interesting images between its users. Whether its cosplayers, coffee cups, cats or canyons they will most likely end up on Instagram with a couple of hashtags and a trendy filter. As previously mentioned the Rizk Casino social media team is great at creating images of the Captain for him to post and this carries over to Instagram.

When you give the Captain a follow expect to see an array of interesting photos and mock-ups much in the same vein as those posted on twitter. Instagram allows these photos to be put in the proper context too as when you are scrolling through your Instagram feed you will be expecting to see a lot more in the way of images than you would on Twitter.

Give Captain Rizk an Instagram follow @captainrizk.

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