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Genting Casino - Giving back to the Community

2017-06-22 15:34:55


This was underlined in its most recent charitable donation. Two young lads from Ilford have both been gifted with new powered wheelchairs, which represent a life-changing moment thanks in part to Genting.

Genting Presentation in London

Jack Byrne, a three-year-old who suffers from the rare Lesch-Nyhan disease, and Callum Leddy, 11 years old, who suffers from (the also rare) Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease, were both given their new powered wheelchairs at a special presentation hosted by Genting Casinos at Mayfair Hotel in London.

Genting Partnership with Chips

The very generous donation was made thanks to an ongoing partnership between Genting Casinos and Chips. Chips is a charity of the UK Gambling Industry which has set up to generate funds used to buy specialised powered wheelchairs for youngsters with various disabilities. Casinos may have a poor reputation in general but this recent donation puts the industry in a much more positive light. We have written previous articles about casinos getting involved In the community spirit and this is another shining example.

Genting Team Getting Involved

Indeed, the donation was much more meaningful than handing over a simple cheque. In November, five team members of Genting ran the Rock ‘N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon and Half Marathon. These brave staff raised £33,000 for a charity fund used to buy the specialised wheelchairs. Whilst some companies go the extra mile, Genting can boast of going the extra 26.2 miles in aid of a very noble cause.

Statement from Genting VIP Executive

Gary Ferrari, the Genting VIP executive who was part of the team that helped raise the funds for the two young boys said “It was a real pleasure meeting Jack and Callum. They are both remarkable children and we hope that their new chairs will help make both their lives and the lives of their families that little bit easier in the future.”

Genting Helping the Fight of Two Young Warriors

Callum’s condition adversely affects his spinal cord and brain whilst Jack’s means that he must use a touch screen in order to communicate with people. The Genting staff hope that the special wheelchairs will help give the stricken pair more comfort, accessibility and freedom in the future. The donation will undoubtedly ease the burden not just on the pair, but their families also. Jack and Callum become the latest of almost 500 children to have been gifted wheelchairs by Chips, which has raised a whopping £1.65m to aid disabled youngsters.

Statement From Chips Founder

Chips founder Linda Lindsay stated: “We would like to thank Genting wholeheartedly for their continued support, we really appreciate their hard work in raising such a fantastic amount for the charity. Through their efforts, we have been able to provide independence and mobility to children across the UK and we hope that this most recent donation will help make a real difference to Jack, Callum and their families.”

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