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Genting Casino's Social Responsibility Pledges

2017-07-20 10:47:05

The Genting Corporate Social Responsibility policy covers areas which are responsible gaming, their people, the local communities in which they operate and the environment. They know that they have a responsibility not only to their customers but also to the rest of the world and its inhabitants and so they work towards these goals with vigour and tenacity.

In their own establishments and online they aim for an atmosphere that centres around the values of respect, responsibility and professionalism. They are known to invest significantly in staff recruitment and training. They also have a great attitude towards customer relations working with partners such as GamCare, so that they can respond effectively and quickly to customer needs and concerns and that all their customers feel safe, protected and respected.

Local Communities

When a Genting establishment moves into a location one of their primary goals is becoming a pillar of that community and showing it the respect it deserves. This translates into being a responsible corporate citizen and minimising any impact that business may have on the people of the cities including control of noise, disturbance to local residents and building maintenance.

It is also about how they support local communities. Genting engages with and fundraise for local charities in a major way. This locally based activity is strongly supported by the company in various ways so they can all make a positive and lasting contribution to the local area.