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Get $1000 Free with this Spin Palace Welcome Bonus!

2017-07-28 10:05:09

There are welcome bonuses and then there’s the Spin Palace welcome bonus, and let me tell you, it truly is in a league of its own. The welcome bonus at Spin Palace is definitely one of the highest and most generous welcome bonuses out there, it could see you getting a maximum of $1000 absolutely free when you make your first, second and third deposits.

If that hasn’t floored you then read on and I’m sure you’ll be headed to the Spin Palace site to get your account set up and get your deposits in ASAP.

First Deposit Bonus

A site having a first deposit bonus isn’t that rare of course, however, what is rarer is rarer, of course, is the fact that Spin Palace will give you a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to a total of $250! That means if you deposit $250 on your first time depositing then you will have a grand total of $500 to play any of the wonderful games that they have on their site. That’s your money doubled without making any sort of bets or wagers, you’re already off to a fantastic start right away!

Second Deposit Bonus

Yes, that’s right, not only do you get 100% back on your first deposit at Spin Palace the generous folks who run the site will also give you a great bonus on your second bonus just to thank you for sticking around, isn’t that nice? This bonus is an impressive 25% bonus extra cash on top of your deposit up to a limit of $300!

So if you’re really loving the Spin Palace experience (which you no doubt will) and you want to add even more money to your account then they will give you a bonus 25% to play more fantastic games. That means that if you once again decide to deposit the maximum that is allowable under this offer and put in a total of $300 on your second deposit then you will get an account increase of $375!

Third Deposit Bonus

You must be thinking that there’s no more, that surely that must be it for bonuses, that there’s no way they could possibly have another great bonus that will give you extra free cash on top of what you have already gotten from them… that would be insanity, wouldn’t it?

Well, it just so happens that Spin Palace has decided to forego the scepticism and bring you yet another bonus on your third deposit. And this time you will get even more bang for your buck as they are offering a whopping 50% bonus on your third deposit up to $450! The bonuses just keep on coming, don’t they?

That means that if you deposit the full $450 then you will get a bonus $225 bringing your total deposited amount up to a magnificent $675!

With all of those maximum bonuses, you could see yourself in the lucky situation of getting a total of $1000 for free just by putting money into Spin Palace. And if that’s not a warm welcome then I don’t know what is!

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