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Get a Hands-On Betting Experience with the Sky Bet App for iOS

2017-06-23 10:49:11

Convenience is really the name of the game with this app, it is all-round handy to have the whole world of SkyBet right in your pocket ready to be pulled out and played at any time and anywhere.

Downloading the App

It is super easy to get the app in the first place too, unlike on the Android system the app is listed on the official Apple App Store and you can simply search for it there or, if you’re already on the SkyBet site then you can just as easily go down to where it says ‘Extras’ and click on the link that is for ‘Skybet Mobile’.

This will open up a little separate window that will show you the different apps that Sky has to offer in their betting and casino range and how to get them. You’ll want to click on the first one that says ‘SkyBet App Now Available For iPhone and iPad’. This will bring you directly to the page on the Apple App Store that tells you all about the app and allows you to download it directly to your iPhone or iPad.

When you click on download it will begin to install the app onto your phone and you just have to wait a little while as it does so. When it is finished it will tell you so and you will be able to launch the app straight away by tapping on its little icon that will now be in amongst all of your other apps and widgets.