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Get some proper VIP treatment when you visit CasinoCruise

2018-02-18 15:00:00

The Captain’s Table

Everything about CasinoCruise from their website’s palatial feel to their lavish branding conveys a sense of opulence and luxury that extends to their excellent VIP Club. For players looking for a more high-end gaming experience, CasinoCruise is certainly the place to be. At CasinoCruise VIP players are indulged with gifts, exclusive benefits, promotions, bonuses and invitations. The CasinoCruise staff are always on hand to meet the needs of their pampered VIP guests.

Every user at CasinoCruise has the opportunity to become a VIP member. Every time you play at the casino you earn loyalty points and once you’ve the required amount the VIP department will contact you to personally to invite you into the exclusive VIP club. There are 3 tiers of VIP membership at CasinoCruise; the Deluxe Suite, the Royal Suite and the President Suite.

The Deluxe Suite

The Deluxe Suite is the entry-level tier of the VIP experience at CasinoCruise. Deluxe Suite members can enjoy many premium features such as personalized email and customer support, exclusive weekend promotions, birthday bonuses, anniversary gifts and up to 12-hour response time. The Deluxe Suite is the all-important first step up the VIP ladder at CasinoCruise. CasinoCruise describes the experience of the Deluxe Suite as being 25% as luxurious as the best the CasinoCruise VIP experience, the President Suite.