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How to sign up for Betfect

2017-08-03 07:08:18

If there's something that online betting misses out on it's the social aspect of the betting shop. Sure it has convenience and ease of use on its side but what you really miss is that feeling of winning and losing beside your long time friends and complete strangers alike. The comradery of the bookmaker's shop is something real and legitimate, something that can't really be replicated by an online service.

That was, of course, the case until Betfect came on the scene. This site is not a bookie in itself (although you can place bets on it), its main goal is bringing the social side of betting back to the fore and it does so wonderfully. The Betfect platform allows you to get in touch with other like-minded people who are putting bets down so you can boast, or commiserate when the final whistle is blown or when the last horse crosses the line, all instant and completely convenient to use.

The platform has also signed on the betting giants Ladbrokes and William Hill to the service so you can place your bets on them and take advantage of their great promotions and offers while you're on the site.

So enough about the service itself and back to the main point of this article, how to set up your Betfect account. Once you do so you'll be enjoying their brilliant platform and making loads of new friends through placing bets on your favourite events so it is important that you know how to sign up and can begin to do that as soon as possible. So here's a little guide on the ins and outs of the Betfect sign-up system.

Signing Up

Signing up to Betfect is made easy by both the great and easy-to-use design of the site which has clearly received a lot of hard work and the quick and easy features that the site has to speed up the process and get you in the door.

First of all, you will need to go to the site's main front page, this is the only page you'll have to go through too which makes the sign-up procedure incredibly fast and easy.

Then you will need to locate the sign-up boxes, luckily the design of the site makes this super easy to spot, they will be just a bit to the right of the page in plain view.

The first of these boxes ask you for a username, this username will stand in for your real name and can be anything you want it to be within reason. So go nuts on it, it will be a reflection of you so make it something that you will remember and that represents you in some way.

The second box asks for your email address, this is so they can get in touch with you if needs be and they can verify your account. Enter your email address and move on to the next box.

This final box asks you to enter your password, you create this too so make sure it is something that you will remember and is secure as it will make logging in easier if it is.

You can also bypass all of this by signing in with your Facebook or Twitter accounts that you may already have created. This will make logging in even easier as it will all just happen at the click of a button. It will also link your accounts but Betfect will not have access to your personal details nor will they post anything on your behalf.

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