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Join the LeoVegas VIP club to be treated to some amazing bonuses and offers!

2017-06-18 15:00:00

With a normal account on LeoVegas, you can access the lion’s share of great games, promotions and bonuses. However, when you decide to upgrade to a VIP membership you are granted admission to a whole new world of exciting high stake private games, exclusive bonuses and special perks that will make the whole thing so much more worth-while.

More levels than an architect’s wedding cake

The LeoVegas VIP allows level progression through a whopping 99 levels of excellence. Each of these levels increases your standing in the LeoVegas VIP community and grants periodic rewards at certain attainable milestones.

At level 30 all of your withdrawals from the site will be completely free of charge! That’s right, by achieving the thirtieth level of prestige you can shake off those annoying little charges on withdrawals to your bank account. Not only is withdrawing free from level 30 onwards but it is also a hell of a lot faster. As a premium account holder your withdrawals are seen as being more important because of your loyalty to the site and therefore they are more inclined to get your withdrawals through faster. It really is a win-win for both the site and you, they make you happy and so more likely to and you are satisfied by a quick and free service that gets you your winnings faster. Your VIP level also affects the amount which you are able to pay out in a given month. They higher your VIP level the more you can deposit so if you get really high in VIP level you can start playing games with super high stakes and jackpots.