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LeoVegas aims to grow

2017-07-06 09:17:35

The LeoVegas bosses have come out by giving some search engine optimisation advice to their affiliate partners in a move which should see LeoVegas gather more online traffic and more online users. LeoVegas have encouraged their affiliate partners to aim to stand out from the crowd and to connect better to the online community by using long-tail keywords which should improve their load times and they should also make more regular checks on their website position.

Affiliate Academy

At the end of 2016, LeoVegas launched their very own and unique affiliate academy, which has seen the Swedish online gaming company promote the value of long-tail keywords with the aim of establishing better online communication between their website and their loyal customers. LeoVegas feel that is a good strategic move to turn specialist areas into long-tail keywords to try to stand out from the competition. LeoVegas used an iGaming example by stating: “Let’s take the iGaming industry as an example if someone searches “online casino” are they going to get a vast amount of results. So how do you stand out from the crowd?”