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LeoVegas sign Partnership with Brentford FC

2017-08-18 06:38:19

Since its launch in 2012, the online casino company has had a meteoric rise and this has without doubt been bolstered by their commitment to self-promotion and branding. A major part of self-promotion is sponsorship, this allows for people to associate your brand with another, which is especially effective when it is a brand that people like and see often. It also helps your brand when you are associated with something that is seen as being good, like a football team that works hard in the community, a football team like Brentford.

This sponsorship is a great deal for absolutely everyone involved in it. The club will get some much-needed funds which they can then use for administration costs and wages for staff and players along with programmes that encourage the development of younger players and promote the advantages of sport in the community. It is also obviously great for LeoVegas as they are getting their name out there to a whole new audience of fans and spectators who will, therefore, be more likely to make their way over to the LeoVegas site and start playing games or placing bets.

The Deal

The deal is set to last for a total of two years, that is what the contract says but if the club and LeoVegas are happy with how the deal has gone for both parties then I would expect that a renewal of it would be on the cards, perhaps for another two years or maybe for longer.