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Logging in at Coral

2017-07-04 08:16:00

Here is a quick guide on how to log in at Coral so you can start playing all of your favourite games and placing bets on a huge range of events immediately.

The Front Page

The first step is by far the easiest and fastest of them all. First, you need to have to go to the Coral website’s main page and find the button that says ‘Log In’. This button is very easy to find because of the contrast in the colours of the page (blue) and the button (green).

You have a choice of whether to click this button now or not. If you click it a small window will pop up that allows you to log in. If you don’t then look to the left of the button and you will be able to put your login info in those two boxes instead.

The Log In Window

If you have clicked the ‘Log In’ button before putting in any details then you will be greeted by the aforementioned log in window. This window is extremely easy to navigate so you shouldn’t have any problems with it.

The window is split into two sections, the one on the left is what you need to focus on now, it will contain two boxes in which you must put your account information, a green ‘Login’ button and a link to the Coral ‘Contact Us’ page.

The first box asks you to enter your unique Coral username which you created when you first registered your Coral account. Click on this box and type your username in carefully so as to avoid any typos that would prevent you from gaining access to your account.

The second box asks you for your Coral account password. This password was also chosen by you when you signed up to the site and so you should know what it is. As you type in the letters and numbers of your password they will quickly be replaced by black circles, this is simply a security measure that prevents anyone that may be looking over your shoulder from seeing your personal and private account password which you should keep to yourself at all times.

After you have entered both of these pieces of information you can simply click on the big green button marked ‘Login’ and you will immediately have access to your Coral account where you can make deposits, place bets and play some of the wonderful and exciting games that Coral has to offer throughout its site.

If you happen to have forgotten your log in details the login window will allow change and become the forgotten info window. This window has two tabs, ‘Forgotten password’ and ‘Forgotten username’. Both of these options are very similar to each other, both ask for your email address and date of birth to verify that it is you but the ‘Forgotten password’ tab will also ask for your username as it assumes you will not have forgotten both. Coral will then send an email to the account provided so long as it matches the one on their record and you can begin the forgotten username/password recovery process.

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