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Logging in at Spin Palace

2017-07-06 12:30:17

Thankfully the sign in process at Spin Palace is incredibly easy to do and that is in most part thanks to the expert design that has gone into the website by the company. However, if for any reason you are having problems logging into your Spin Palace account then fret not because here is a detailed look at just how you go about doing it.

Go to the Home Page

The easiest way of logging in to Spin Palace is by first of all going to the site’s front page and starting from there. Simply go to the site or search it in your search engine of choice to be brought directly to the front page.

From here you will want to find the ‘Login’ button. It should be easy for you to find as it is located in the very top right-hand corner of the page next to the big yellow ‘Register’ button and to the right of the 24/7 Live Support link.

Once you have found this button just give it a click, a small window will pop open and you can continue with the login process.