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Make all your dreams come through with Coral Lotto!

2017-08-13 14:00:00

But what is it and how do you play? Well, that’s what you will find out by reading the rest of this article.

What is Coral Lotto?

The Coral Lotto yet another way that you can win big cash prizes from the national lottery. Instead of buying a ticket directly from your lottery provider you can instead go to Coral and make your way to the lottery section of their website. From there you can place bets on the outcomes of lotteries from around the world!

Through Coral you can bet on the outcomes of 13 separate lotto draws including the Canadian, Irish, Spanish, Hong Kong, Australian Oz Lotto, Australian Tattslotto, German, French, Greek, Singapore New York, Health, Monday millions and the 49’s lotteries. When the results of these lotteries come in they are compared to the bets that you have made and if your bets hit the correct criteria then you will win a cash prize, easy as that.

How Does it Work?

When you go to the Coral Lottery section of the website and go to place a bet you will be presented with a choice as to which lotto you wish to bet on. Once you have scrolled to the one you want then you will be able to select which draw you want to bet on, how many draws, whether you want to place a straight bet or a combination bet, your number selections and the amount you wish to stake and the odds being given. When you fill all this in you click on place bets and your bet will be made and then all you can do is wait or place more bets on other lottery draws.

If you don’t feel like selecting each of your balls or you would like to leave it completely up to chance you can click the ‘lucky dip’ button for a random set of five numbers that are applied to your wager.

Coral Lotto betting does more than just let you bet on getting a complete streak of numbers like you would when you’re playing the lotto for real. The game allows you to place bets on the likelihood of each of your numbers coming up. When you go to place your bet you will be given the odds for your first ball making an appearance, then your first and second, then first second third, then first second third fourth and then all five of your selections. Of course, the odds are proportional to how many of the balls you will guess right, you’re a lot less likely to get all of your guesses correct and so that will have the odds of 150000/1 versus the first choice having odds of 6/1.

Sundry Rules and Terms

The maximum amount that someone can win on a single lotto bet is £100,000 apart from in the cases of the Irish Lottery, the Monday Millions and 49 Lotto’s 6 Number draws where the maximum win extends to £500,000. If the lotto draw does not take place for some sort of unforeseen circumstance then the bet placed will roll over to the next draw whenever that is scheduled to take place.

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