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Marvellous news for Betsafe fans as Betsson rolls out RaceBet horse-racing product

2017-07-03 13:43:39

The Betsafe launch of their excellent horse racing products coincides with the timing of this summer’s Royal Ascot horse racing festival which takes place between the 20th June until Saturday 24th June, so it is great timing for horse racing fans.

Happy Customers

This Betsafe announcement will please their following in the United Kingdom and indeed horse racing fans all across the world. The launch has been facilitated by Betsson’s €34 million acquisition of RaceBet’s, which took place back in December of 2016. This seen Betsafe and Betsson take charge of their horse racing products, trading team and their brilliant sportsbook product.

Betsafe and Betsson have a strong following in the UK and this launch will be sure to please their fans while enticing some new sports mad people to their fantastic sportsbook. Betsafe and Betsson have said that this acquisition has enabled them to offer their following a product which is just as good if not better than similar products and operators in the market. Betsafe and Betsson will be aiming to feature odds on a massive 250,000 races every single year.

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

With the huge volume of horse racing that takes place not only in the UK and Ireland but also across the globe, Betsafe and Betsson traders will be kept very busy in coming up with odds for over 250,000 races in a single year. Betsafe and Betsson management know that horse racing is one of the main sports in the UK and Ireland and Betsson president and CEO recently stated that: “Horse racing is an essential part of a competitive sportsbook offering if you want to be a strong competitor in markets like the UK and Ireland.” All of the major sportsbooks that are already in the market offer a large horse racing market and finally Betsafe will be able to join the top bracket of sportsbooks which should see Betsafe continue to grow and match their competitors to become one of the market leaders.

Betsson will be looking to launch their horse racing products on their other brands and not only on Betsafe. Betsafe is the first company who will be availing of Betsson’s services which will please Betsafe bosses and their punters alike. Bengtsson also announced that: “By launching horse racing on Betsafe, we are levelling up our sportsbook significantly.” He is also pleased that it’s actually being rolled out before the planned date:” The fact that we do it ahead of our planned launch date is also a credit to our integration capabilities. The next step is to launch horse racing on our other brands. Moreover, we have made a number of other improvements of our sportsbook and will soon also make an upgrade of our mobile sportsbook.”

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