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Money Mayweather Vs The Notorious McGregor - Who's your money on at Betfair?

2017-06-29 14:55:23

Betfair are already predicting the outcome. Can the unbeaten Mayweather actually lose to the novice boxer McGregor who only received a licence to box in Las Vegas a while back? Head over to Betfair to see what their experts think!

Battle of the Codes

UFC fans will believe that McGregor has a chance, as since he appeared on the global scene back in 2014, he has proved his doubters wrong time and time again. So, what’s stopping him from pulling off one of sport’s greatest upsets? On the other hand, dedicated boxing fans are aggrieved that this fight will be taking place in the first place, feeling that it is making a mockery of the sport and some boxing fans even dubbing it a “new low for the sport”. No matter what the fans of both sports feel, the fight will take place over 12 round in Las Vegas on the 26th of August.

Generous odds on Mayweather

Betfair have got in on the action quickly and their expert traders are already giving odds on what will occur in this super bout. Betfair have obviously given the undefeated boxing champ Floyd Mayweather the favourite tag which will be of little surprise to anyone, after all, he has gone 49 boxing bouts without losing even if it has been a while since he stepped into the ring competitively. However, Mayweather fans might be a little surprised that Betfair’s odds are still quite enticing to have a punt on Mayweather as they are still quite generous, they make Money Mayweather 1/7 favourite to beat the Octagon king, McGregor.

Don’t write the Irishman off!

Betfair’s odds reflect that the Irishman McGregor has been working on his boxing skills for some time now, and he has shown in the octagon that he is fearless, is a fantastic tactician and he has a great team around him. Also, he is only 28 so he might have better endurance if the fight looks like going the distance. When McGregor was younger he started off boxing in Dublin before switching over to MMA so he does have some boxing experience under his belt.

Betfair give odds of a McGregor upset at 6/1, so Betfair obviously believe that it isn’t outside the realms of possibility that the Irishman McGregor will make it 50 bouts with one defeat for the king of the ring. A victory for McGregor would be up there with some of the biggest sporting upsets of all time so it is surprising why their odds for a McGregor win aren’t more generous, maybe they have seen McGregor training and were highly impressed.

No matter what the outcome, it will certainly be entertaining, both the fight itself and the lead up to the fight, keep an eye out on Betfair for more incentive odds!

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