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Movie-themed slots: and the Oscar goes to...

2017-08-16 07:48:57

And then there are the ever-so-popular movie-themed slots. Commonly, these slots are a cooperation between the production company and the games development company. This allows the game's producers to use original characters, graphics and logos in their movie-themed slots. This feature reviews a selection of top movie-themed slots and awards our very own GamingRevolution Oscars.

The Oscar for the best character a movie-themed slot goes to Terminator 2 by Microgaming. Before you get to fight alongside movie heroine Sarah Connor and Arnie, you'll have to adjust your wager in this 243-way movie-themed video slot. Microgaming, renowned for its creativity, did an excellent job at translating the movie theme. When three or more Orb icons appear, a free spins round is triggered. During the so-called T-800 Vision, players will only need 1 orb to trigger a free spins round. This T-800 Vision is activated at random and gives you a glimpse of what being a truly cool movie character feels like.

The Oscar for the best graphics

Jurassic Park may be based on a prehistoric movie series, but its slot adaptation is far from outdated. The Microgaming slot comes with impressive graphics. The background in this 5 reels video slot shows a jungle. The symbols are picture-perfect copies of the movie characters and creatures. Aside from bringing back 90ies memories, Jurassic Park provides a sleek grey menu which allows players to change coin size and amount of coins intuitively. This movie-themed slot is a feast for the eyes with its detailed graphics.

The Oscar for the most retro slot

Based on a 1954 horror movie, Creature from the Black Lagoon might be one of the less well-known NetEnt slots. This, however, is surprising. This 5 reel slot with its 20 pay lines, is one of the coolest movie-themed slots out there. The player needs to destroy the creature - a prehistoric monster that is half sea creature and half human. The goal of this movie-themed slot is to save Kay from the monster - and win plenty of dough as you go along.

The Oscar for the scariest slot

It goes to Scarface. NetEnt created this movie-themed slot in cooperation with Universal Studios. Based on the intense and dark movie, this slot may look intimidating but the winnings that it provides are far from it. Among slot fans, Scarface is known for its high RTP payout. It is action-packed, never boring and includes cult scenes. "Say hello to my little friend": that's the scene that the slot is based on. The goal is to help Tony to take down as many hit men as possible. Best of all; each and every kill earns you a coin.

More than just great graphics

Many movie-themed slots also include original theme music and other sound effects that remind players of their favourite films. Given that software developers cooperate with picture houses to create movie-themed slots, these slots tend to be at the higher end. This also means that winnings tend to be high or frequent, and the technology state-of-the-art.

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