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Paddy Power acknowledges Brexit negotiations in true PP style!

2017-07-07 07:40:44

The huge statue took a 12-man team a whole week to erect, and the bookies claim it sends a “clear message to the UK’s soon-to-be former EU neighbours, even if the general election results didn’t”.

A not-so-discreet dig at the PM

May’s legs are a gigantic 10m tall, whilst her fingernails alone are more than five-foot long. The cheeky bookmakers had a pop at the British Prime Minister, telling how they believe the statue is very lifelike because it is “two-dimensional and largely wooden”.

A spokesman for Paddy Power said: “I’m really proud of this statue, if only because it’s the first time that I can legitimately claim to have a huge erection.
“During construction, it was both strong and stable, but soon went weak and wobbly when the winds changed..about as stable as a partnership with the DUP.”

After an election campaign to forget for Theresa May, Paddy Power make it odds-on that more than one Prime Minister will be involved in Brexit talks at 2/7, and just 13/8 that a second election will be called this year.

The chances of May performing a U-Turn, something Paddy Power described as her “party piece”, and deciding that the UK should instead Remain in the EU, are rated at 20/1.