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Paddy Power slash odds on World Ending in 2017

2017-08-30 14:49:42

Paddy Power are well known for their unique sense of humour and often eccentric marketing campaigns. Their latest selection of novelty bets will only strengthen that reputation as the Irish bookmakers have decided to laugh in the face of adversity and brace themselves for humanity’s impending extinction. As the threat of nuclear war intensifies Paddy Power have decided, as always, to see the funny side!

Growing Tensions

If it wasn’t for McGregor and Mayweather Trump vs Jong-un would be the most talked about face off of the summer. Tensions between Washington and Pyongyang have reached new heights with the threat of nuclear war becoming increasingly more likely. On one side, you have ‘The Donald’ who has vowed to protect America at all costs, the country is “locked and loaded” and ready to react if North Korea act unwisely. On the other, you have Kim Jong-un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea, a man who would put most Bond villains to shame. He’s hell bent on sticking it to “the Yankees” and is backed by an army of 3 million and country of 26 million loyal followers.

North Korea Specials

The situation seems dire but Paddy Power have decided to make the most it with a selection of North Korean novelty bets. The most eye-catching of the offerings is the end of world special which has recently seen it odds slashed from 500/1 to 100/1 in the wake of our impending doom. That means that the world is currently 5 times more likely to end this year than next year at 500/1 according to the boffins at Paddy Power. North Korea clearly has the team at Paddy Power worried but they haven’t yet revealed how the winnings would be paid!

If you’re not quite as pessimistic as the Irish bookmakers there’s still plenty of more specials to have a punt on, from the plausible to the downright ridiculous. At Paddy Power, you can now bet on all things North Korea, from the year that Kim Jong-un will cease to be the leader to the destination of his next political visit.

Some of the best offers include:

  • Kim Jong-un to remain as North Korean leader beyond 2031 – 4/7
  • A statue of Donald Trump to be erected in North Korea this year – 66/1
  • Kim Jong-un to open a Paddy Power store in North Korea – 1/2
  • Kim Jong-un to demand his face is added to Mount Rushmore – 100/1
  • North Korea to offer a trade alliance to the UK post Brexit - 40/1
  • Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump to settle their differences over a round of golf – 80/1

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