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Paddy Power's Android App - Powerful and Versatile

2017-04-26 10:43:15

Aside from its humorous, and at times cheeky ads, Paddy Power is known to embrace the latest technology and to leverage it for its own business purposes. As a result of this, the Irish gambling powerhouse has built up a wealth of expertise within the field of IT development, in particular within the area of mobile technology.

The Paddy Power Android app has been available for numerous years. Yet, is being continuously updated with exciting features and improvements.

Getting started with the Paddy Power Android App

To install the Paddy Power app, players first need to register for a Paddy Power account online. Next, users need to navigate to the Paddy Power mobile site and choose the Paddy Power Android app from the list. Your computer will prompt you to agree to the installation of the app; as soon as the app is installed, you will have to connect your Android phone to your PC, open the folder where you installed the app and drag the app onto your phone.