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Points for Pounds - Only at StanJames!

2017-05-12 10:58:50

We reported on some of StanJames' fabulous promotions. However, there is even more on offer at the British gambling operator that was bought by Unibet in 2015; namely, the Points for Pounds scheme. You guessed right: this is the StanJames take on a casino loyalty scheme.

Here is how you get started

Players do not need to opt-in, all you need to do is to sign-up to StanJames. Given that the StanJames website is intuitive, you will spot your rewards points balance easily within your account information. It is from that tab that you can manage your points balance. But before I tell you what you can get for your points, let's take a look at how you can earn loyalty points at StanJames.

Log in to the online casino, make sure you have sufficient credit (if not, make a deposit) and wager £$€10 on your favourite game. You will automatically receive 1 point. What makes this loyalty scheme more exciting, is the fact that StanJames has decided to introduce a qualifying period.

Each qualifying period for the Points for Pounds promotion runs from Thursday 00:01 to Wednesday 23:59 (GMT). Once the period is over, points need to be exchanged. This means they cannot be carried over into the next qualifying period and will be fortified. At first, you may think that this doesn't sound as good as at other casinos. Truly though (and we have tested the feature) it encourages players to remain loyal and cash in on the cash that they deserve. In other casinos, players often collect and collect points, only to forget to cash them in.

That's how much bang you get for your buck

Points are exchanged in increments of 100 points and at a rate of 100/1£$€. This means that if you earn 900 points during a qualifying round, StanJames will pay out a pretty decent £$€9. You be wondering whether or not StanJames also offers a so-called VIP ladder; of course, StanJames does.
You have to earn that status though. StanJames' silver VIP level starts at 20,000 points and goes up to 39,999 points. Once you have reached the silver level, you will have access to enhanced points conversion (1£$€ for every 95), exclusive management and promotions that are only for VIP members. If you have played even harder and have made it into the gold league, your points will be covered at a rate of 1£$€ for 90 and you will additionally have access to random cash drops and faster withdrawals. In sum, true VIP service; but it gets better than that. Get to 200,000 points and you will become a member of the highly exclusive diamond club. This status transcends regular casino promotions. On top of all that is on offer for gold members, diamond members receive special gifts and hospitality.
Beware though: StanJames is a competitive place. You will have to maintain your points balance to remain a VIP. Don't want to be left behind and join the diamond league? Work hard and play hard!

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