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PokerStars' VIP Club

2017-05-25 09:37:34

Users can earns ‘StarsCoins’ to progress through levels, where the rewards become greater. A progress bar will update PokerStars users on their current status and how many steps are needed to maintain the current VIP status, as well as how many steps are needed to achieve the next VIP status.


‘StarsCoin’ is the currency earned by completing steps. StarsCoins can be spent in the VIP store on a range of rewards. Steps are completed by earning VIP player points (VPPs), and the progress bar on the screen will fill up as VPPs are earned. PokerStars users can check their status by clicking on the progress bar, which will inform you of how many steps you need to complete/maintain/achieve a new VIP status.

VIP Club

The PokerStars VIP club has 6 different VIP statuses, each one earned via completing monthly steps. Each status unlocks new rewards, ensuring the most loyal PokerStars users have exclusive treatment. Members of all VIP statuses can avail of VIP cash rebates, VIP store merchandise, tournament tickets, Spin & Go tickets and Sit & Go tickets.


The first level of PokerStars VIP status, BronzeStar members can play in the weekly £$€2,500 VIP tournament, or the VIP Super Saturday £$€5,000 Tournament. Members can earn 7 StarsCoins by completing the 1st step and 169 more by completing all BronzeStar steps.


The second level of PokerStars VIP status, ChromeStar members can play in the weekly £$€10,000 VIP Freeroll, or the VIP Super Saturday £$€20,000 Freeroll. Members earn up to 100% more rewards than BronzeStar and those who complete all ChromeStar steps in a month earn 1,490 StarsCoins.