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Put some cash in the kitty with 9 Lives from mFortune!

2017-07-07 13:37:55

mFortune have really outdone themselves with their latest venture into the mobile realm, 9 Lives. The game offers a bunch of super fun gameplay elements as well as some crazy cash prizes. AND you can play it from your mobile phone or tablet so you can win big wherever you are, in line at the post office, on the bus or during a quiet moment at work.

Design and Style

This game is incredibly cartoony and it knows it, the art style is like something straight out of the Saturday morning toons from our youth. The theme is of course, as the name suggests cat related and let me tell you they don’t hide that what so ever, the whole game is wall to wall cats. Each of the symbols in the game is cat related and some have cute little kitties on them, others have kitty-litter, milk, mice and balls of yarn so you’re never mistaken as to what animal rules the roost here.

The background of the game is a beautiful gates-of-heaven style backdrop that the game calls ‘cloud 9’ and you will certainly feel like you’re there if you love cats and slots.


9 Lives is a five reel and three-row slot that lets you customise how many paylines you want to have at any given time so you can adjust your gameplay as you see fit. Each of the symbols, of course, carry their own value with the most lucrative of which is the Golden Mouse symbol. When the player collects five of these golden mice they will get the much-coveted Jackpot! The second-best symbol to get is definitely the milk carton has the potential of paying out up to 500 times your original wager!

The jackpot is a progressive one meaning that it will keep on growing until somebody wins it so it has the potential to reach astronomical heights before you get to it by getting your five golden mice.

What would an mFortune game be without a set of awesome bonus features? 9 Lives features a total of four different bonus features for you to sink your teeth into. The first of these is the Free Spins Feature, which (no surprise) gives you a bunch of free spins. All you have to do is get a number of free spin symbols on your reels to be rewarded with them. Three free spin tokens will give you five free spins, four will give you seven and five will give you a whopping nine free spins!

The second bonus feature is called Lucky Litter and unfortunately isn’t about a litter of kittens but rather the ‘litter’ of cats… yeah. Thankfully cleaning out this litter tray is less of a chore and more of a chance to win! It also takes advantage of the mobile medium by being activated through the shaking of your phone. When you shake it or press spin great multipliers will be uncovered that you can rack up and collect.

The third is the Cloud Nine bonus feature. In this feature, the wheel spins automatically and you’re guaranteed a win. If you land on x1, you receive your winnings from the main reels and if you land on x2, your winnings from the main reels are doubled and you’ll exit the feature.

Lastly is the wild symbol which stands in for any other symbol in the game meaning that you can make connections that you couldn’t before. The wild symbol is pretty common in 9 Lives so you’ll definitely be winning big in this game.

Due to it being an mFortune game you can try it out absolutely free and without a stake, but we’re sure you’ll love it so much you’ll be looking like the cat that ate the canary!

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