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Put some cash in the kitty with 9 Lives from mFortune!

2017-07-07 13:37:55

mFortune have really outdone themselves with their latest venture into the mobile realm, 9 Lives. The game offers a bunch of super fun gameplay elements as well as some crazy cash prizes. AND you can play it from your mobile phone or tablet so you can win big wherever you are, in line at the post office, on the bus or during a quiet moment at work.

Design and Style

This game is incredibly cartoony and it knows it, the art style is like something straight out of the Saturday morning toons from our youth. The theme is of course, as the name suggests cat related and let me tell you they don’t hide that what so ever, the whole game is wall to wall cats. Each of the symbols in the game is cat related and some have cute little kitties on them, others have kitty-litter, milk, mice and balls of yarn so you’re never mistaken as to what animal rules the roost here.

The background of the game is a beautiful gates-of-heaven style backdrop that the game calls ‘cloud 9’ and you will certainly feel like you’re there if you love cats and slots.