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Roxy Palace - Dedicated to Fair Gaming

2017-08-02 07:16:10

Fairness is an extremely important part of any online gaming site’s operation. If they are seen to not run a fair platform then they will lose the faith of customers and also be in for a couple of hefty legal ramifications that aim to set things right. These deterrents along with the core principle of common decency are what keep RoxyPalace and other sites in check when it comes to providing a fair and balanced gaming system for their players to play on.

RoxyPalace have laid out their fair gaming promises and aims on their site but it bears repeating from an independent viewpoint and so I will go through just what it is that makes RoxyPalace’s claim to fairness both legitimate and admirable.

First of all their site marks that they are incredibly dedicated to fair play by noting that they truly understand the importance of its place in the gaming industry. Of course, it is not these words that makes one realise how they are working for fairness every step of the way it is more so their actions that indicate that they are doing everything that is in their power to be fair and balanced. It is also a good mark on their record that they are so open and honest about exactly what they do to maintain fairness.

At RoxyPalace a Random Number Generator is utilized to ensure that performance is truly random. RoxyPalace uses software that is supplied to them by Microgaming Software Systems, with whom you are probably familiar if you have been playing online slots for any amount of time, which provides absolutely random results. They also claim to rigorously test their system on a regular basis to ensure that it is all working well and maintaining the environment of fairness that they have cultivated.

Every single transaction that you make at RoxyPalace is recorded on their system to make sure that everything is above board. This protects both you and them as if there is ever a dispute between you the there will be a complete audit trail ready to be assessed. All of their accounts are also open to external review by Independent Auditors should the need arise.

Their own comments on the randomness of their games: “Microgaming Software Systems, the leading developer of Internet gaming software, designed the RoxyPalace software system. Independent Auditors have reviewed the game outcomes for Blackjack and Roulette, and confirmed that the Random Number Generator consistently produced random numbers and is a fair basis for the outcome of games that have been played using this random number generator”.

RoxyPalace provides you with your Play History using the unique PlayCheck credibility technology. PlayCheck gives you the opportunity to view your own personal gaming transaction history for a period of up to seven days before you requested it. This allows you verify your game history from any game – it even includes your poker hands and the position of the reel symbols from each spin of a slot game. This allows more transparency in play and also gives you the info you might need if you are trying to make some sort of claim.

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