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Roxy Palace on Social Media

2017-06-29 10:56:49

The movement in internet culture towards instant and constant communication has made it a necessity for many firms to provide information and a means of contact for their customers through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

As well as provide a channel of communication social media has provided an insanely cheap and effective way for companies to boost their profile and advertise directly to their core demographic.

Roxy Palace have seen this and, according to their website “shamelessly jumped on the social media bandwagon” with their various accounts across the web. Here is how you can find Roxy Palace on your social media platform of choice.


The micro-blogging website is the perfect place for a company to set out its stall. The brisk 140 character limit and ability to upload snappy pictures that pop up on your followers’ feeds allow a company like Roxy Palace to make quick announcements or promote their products in a quick and effective way.
The Roxy Palace Twitter account tweets regularly so it would be a good idea to give them a follow to keep on top of news about games and promotions for your favourite gaming site. You can find Roxy Palace on Twitter by searching for "@Roxy_Palace".


Practically ubiquitous at this point, Facebook is a must for any business that is hoping to have an effective social media presence. The Zuckerberg brainchild has grown to become the biggest and most used social networking site out there and so it is a great place for Roxy Palace to reach its fans with content.

Through Facebook Roxy Palace can advertise its games and promotions and also receive and respond to messages that users send to them about their service. You can find Roxy Palace on Facebook by searching for Roxy Palace Casino_official.

Google Plus

If you’re not familiar with Google Plus it’s pretty much an amalgam of Facebook and Twitter and was intended to be Google’s answer to both. The usership on the site has never really been all that impressive but integration with YouTube and the rest of the Google products means that you probably already have an account. Never the less Roxy Palace has a presence on Google Plus and treats it in a similar way as it does Twitter, as a platform for announcements and promotion.

Google Plus does offer the feature of joining groups centred around a subject that will present you with posts related to it and just adjacent to it so you can join the Roxy Palace group to see what that’s all about.


By being exclusively for video hosting YouTube can offer a whole different service than the other sites. The Roxy Palace YouTube channel is full of great content such as awesome demos of some of their newest and most popular games so you can check them out there and see what takes your fancy before you decide which game to play.

So there you have it, the key social media platforms on which you can find Roxy Palace. So next time you’re posting or checking someone else’s posts why not take some time to see what Roxy Palace has to offer?

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