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Roxy Palace Rewards Galore!

2017-05-04 16:30:00

“Our loyalty to you starts with your first spin” is the introduction to Roxy Palace’s reward scheme, called the Players Club. Users become automatic members of the Players Club when making their first real money deposit. Players Club Points are accrued for every bet placed, which can be redeemed into the ‘Casino Bonus’ feature at any time. Bonus points are also given to the top wagers, rewarding the most loyal Roxy Palace customers.


There are 4 tiers to the Players Club scheme, with the upper tier being the most rewarding. The first tier is the Blue section, achieved via the user’s first deposit. Members of all sections receive bonuses per month, averaging 500 in the blue section. Access to new game prize draws is also open to Blue members.

The second tier is the Silver club, and membership is obtained by achieving 2000 entry points. The same number is needed to maintain status, with 10% bonus points allocated monthly and members receiving on average 1000 in bonuses per month. Loyalty points specials are a feature, not applicable to Blue members.

The third tier is the Gold section, much more exclusive than the Silver section, with free entry to Roxy Palace’s Super Slots tournaments, the first look at new games and a tailored Roxy Palace promotional calendar. 4000 entry points are required to gain entry, with 3600 maintenance points. 20% bonus points are allocated monthly and users receive on average 7500 in monthly bonuses.

The final and most exclusive tier is the Platinum section, with an exclusive support number and an invitation to Roxy Palace’s VIP Club. 8000 points are needed to gain entry with 6400 maintenance points. Users receive 40% in monthly bonus points and an average of 1000 in monthly bonuses. The Platinum tier is the place to be for serious Roxy Palace customers.